Boom ! Manual bidding lost its importance!



The Emergence Of Automated Bidding !

By seeing the growth of technology, and the usage of Internet many of the auctioneers were planned to lift the auction in to online portals.  Whatever happens in the growth of auction world, manual bidding doesn’t left its existence.

So people who does online auction were frustrated with manual bidding, and shows thumbs down for it. By seeing the unstable situation, some of the clever auction businessman implemented automated auction in to their auction website.

Automated bidding saves the auction world from surging into the deep!

Before the automated bidding,many businessman doesn’t believe auction startups as their revenue generator. Instead they predict manual bidding will cause the failure for online auction startups!

But the arrival of automated bidding created a strong hope, and pushed them to start an auction website.  For those people who are starving for a startup solution , sniper bid brings up a 2 in 1 solution for online auction startups


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The History Of Auction!


The first auction was recorded before 500 B.c. Romans and Persians were the first people who founded the auction.  Nowadays we do the auction on commercial products, but during the ancient times, auctions were used to sell the slaves, soldiers, and war assets.

Auctions were followed differently in different countries.  But it depends upon the people who lives in those countries.  Because in the old days, the awareness of education was very low,  only some educated people and particular community of people were allowed to do the bidding.

We can classify all those auctions into two categories

  1. Primary auction
  2. Secondary auction

Candle auction: This was an auction type which is followed by England people before 18 the century.  That is the auction has no timing, it will continue until a lighted candle expires.

Approximately on 193 A.D, there was significant historical auction happened. (i.e) The entire Rome Empire was put into an auction.

We can list the following auctions into primary auctions

  1. English auction
  2. Dutch auction
  3. Blind auction
  4. Vickrey auction

Each auction type operates in a different manner, Let us discuss them in detail in the following article.

The Different Genres of Auction Business!

















Start an online auction business from scratch!


What others usually advice for starting an auction business?

Usually search for a online auction business startup, you could find people will advise to do following things.

1. Register on popular auction website
2. Read the rules
3. find demand for your product
4. List your products
5. Get into the auction environment and etc.,

But probably none of this will bring you an idea for starting your own auction business.

I can bring you a real and appropriate answer for your search in auction business startups!

Beat the beat the giant – Yahoo! Japan Auction!

We know that yahoo japan auction is a big auction website full of  Japanese auction products. And the core thought of the website is cultivating the Japanese peoples to their website. ← Mark my words, this is our business opportunity. How ?

Online auction website should be user-friendly for every user In such case, yahoo! Japan auction fails to cover people from overseas. But the truth is, the products have high demand in other countries rather than japan. And an another drawback is they use only manual bidding. These two factors make the loss of user engagement in yahoo! japan auction website.

“When there is a hole in a business, it becomes the opportunity for a new businesss to fill it up!”

To solve this sniperbid plays an immense role to solve all those struggles which users face in yahoo! Japan auction website. We bring you a yahoo! Japan auction API directly from the authorized organization. And additionally, we have added an automated bidding tool with this solution.

What will you gain through Sniperbid?

1. Using the new version of yahoo! Japan auction API, You can list all the yahoo japan auction products in your  website(Note: An Auction website script also comes with this 3 in 1 package)
2. The automated bidding tool helps to bid automatically on yahoo! Japan auction products.
3. The main advantage here you can gain is you could cultivate international users /bidders to your website.


Being an auctioneer? No more time to waste ! it’s time to start your own auction Website!

Since you are an auctioneer you know that products from japan or some other countries have high demand on overseas. So people shows their interest to buy products by performing bidding. To simplify this auction yahoo has invented a big auction platform called “yahoo japan auction website”. In which they have listed all the auction products and enabled people to perform bidding for the products. from the beginning still the website is gaining more number of an auctioneers to their site, and so they earn high ROI from the bidding website.

Did you confused of why I am explaining all these stuff ? yes there is a reason!

Auctioneers like you share their Member Id, to their well-known circle and allow them to bid for products. so that they can earn a minimum amount of commission from yahoo japan if there is a successful bid.

My question is why should not you start an auction portal?

Yes instead of sharing your member or affiliate id to your circle, you could buy a yahoo auction API and integrate it with your existing or new auction portal.

Merits of starting an auction website like yahoo japan auction!

1. You could list all the yahoo japan auction products in a single portal
2. Yahoo japan auction website is fully concentrated on Japanese people but you could fetch peoples from all over the world just by creating a multilingual auction portal.
3. Moreover, yahoo japan auction is having only manual bidding.

if you integrate an automated bidding option to your site then people will identify you as a simplified auction portal, and would like to engage with you forever!
4. Financially as a business man, you could earn high revenue with less investment
5. Do you know the Buyee website, the partner of yahoo!japan auction, yes sure you could also grow up like them and will earn a good will among auctioneers

Know more at :

How to start a biggest online auction website with less Investment ?

Auction Business Is Like A Roller Coaster Without Autobid API



If people start their own business,they should be ready to face the success and Failure of their business.

Success will not reach you easily.Success will not only come to you with only hardwork. It can reach your doorstep with smarter work.

Smarter minds can think more to earn more profit.Sniperbid is the perfect platform for auction business.

Sniperbid is the premium tool for auctioneers.If business people want to succeed within a short time in auction business.

Sniperbid is the best platform.sniperbid offer auction Script,Auction API,Autobid tool for the business people to become a millionaire in the auction business.

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Sniperbid Launches Its Autobidding Tool For Auctioneers


Yahoo! Auctioneers don’t be worried..

Here is a solution to solve your problem in bidding auction.

Many of us think What is special in this tool??

Sniperbid has built a great platform for business people & startups who love E-commerce sites.Many people feel Japanese products are not available in other language.It is a barrier to a business man who wants to start an Auction business like Yahoo! Japan Auction.

If auctioneers use this tool,they can be a winner without more stress

Use this innovative tool to become a leading bidder in the auction business

We can say this tool is a weapon for auctioneers.

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Intelligence Can Make your Auction Business Success




Is It Easy To Succeed In Auction Business??

Yeahh!! Think Smarter to succeed in auction business.

Autobidding Bot that conclude the winner in every auction in website that need you enriches your auction business with vital role in online auctioneers that helps you narrow down that are really worthy of your effort.

Sniperbid builds industry specific models to track nuances that are specific to that industry.Custom reporting will be delivered as whatever you want that you can notice everything without more involvement.

Auctioneers can succeed easily if they use this autobidding tool.

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Auto Bidding Is Becoming A Mount



Why People feel difficult to succeed during the time of auction?

Everyday n- number of people are participating in the Yahoo! Auction website. Auctioneers should be very active at the time of auction. Otherwise they will be the looser. Till  90% today Yahoo! Japan Auctioneers follow only manual bidding.

Disadvantages Of Manual Bidding

  •     It may not be the best option for complex accounts with large keyword lists and budgets.
  •     It takes time away from other important management tasks

people are moving towards automated tool for bidding.

Sniperbid provides an automated tool for auctioneers to succeed during the auction war

“Sniperbid – Automated Auction Application Service Provider”.

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A Better Future For Auction Business

Big Update (1)


Implementing great ideas can make your business success.

Automation application in auction business will make you a winner.

If you integrate autobidding tool web application,It will envision a better future.

A good platform to make your auction business avoids you from failures , We are the one “Sniperbid – Automated Auction Application Service Provider”

Sniperbid provides Yahoo! auction Script for startups,Yahoo! auction API to list those Japanese products into our website with local language,Yahoo ! auction automated tool for bidders to perform bidding auction without any risk.

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How To Start an Online Auction Business With Japanese Products


Yes!! it is easy to start an auction business with Japanese products.API plays a vital role in buying and selling Japanese Products.

Through API key we can list those Japanese products to our website in local language.

Sniperbid introduced an API idea in your auction business success. That is an Yahoo! Japan auction web APIs are used by web applications to fetch the real time live auction data in Yahoo! Auction website and will show the same data in your website easily.

Sniperbid also provides an autobidding tool for auctioneers to make their bidding process easier

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