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Today Japan Auction Business should be going to very fast. So user and auctioneers also going to that level and  so want to go for auction also going to that level so want to auto-bid function for auction sites. And Many Peoples Success in auction business use with Automated auto-bid tool. we have integrate with automated auto-bid API https://goo.gl/ehcjYS


What is the benefit of starting an online auction business?

There are so many ways to start an online business, but you have to choose what will fit your financial situation. Many entrepreneurs are having a much eager to start a business, but because of their financial situation they leave their business dreams and refuse to start their business!.

But there is a business it will not require your financial situation(i.e) that is you can start the business without investing a bulk amount.

Online Auction Business:

Nowadays peoples are showing interest to buy products through online!. And the arrival of online auction websites enables the people to buy products with less price. But the drawback is people have to wait for a long time and they have to continuously bid for a product.

So to rectify all these problems , automated auction has arrived to the marketplace..  continue to read more here >>>


























































How to cover international auction people with your auction business?

When it comes to online auction world, yahoo japan auction is the only auction website which has created huge customer base,And eventually it has become a main reason for many of the auction startups!

Japanese auction products are not only for Japanese people, but yahoo japan auction  restricts the overseas people to bid on yahoo japan products! to overcome those inconvenience many business people are looking forward to provide a business solution!

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Benefits of integrating yahoo japan auction API in your auction business



To start your auction business you don’t need your own products to list on your website. But you can bring other leading website products in to your website just by integrating their API .

Why yahoo! japan auction API ?

Yahoo japan is the leading business player in auction and have gained huge number of bidders / auctioneers on their website. So if you want to gain a quick pick up you can integrated the yahoo ! japan auction api  in your website!.

What will be the result?

Yahoo ! japan auction doesn’t allow other people to bid on  their products, they allow only japanese people. but the reality is japanes products have high demand on overseas people, so you can break this drawback by integrating yahoo! auction API  in to your website.

And there are some additional benefits you can gain through this big move! what are they ?

Read out the full article here : 5 benefits of integrating yahoo japan auction API with your online auction business   (2 minutes read)

How to start an auction business online?


Yahoo auction API !

“Sniperbid” the advance auction business solution provides an extraordinary solution for auction business startups from the past few years .  Many of the  entrepreneurs from all around the world interested to start an auction website like “yahoo! japan auction”

So by keeping this in mind sniperbid have launched a new auction business solution in the name of ” Yahoo ! auction API ” using this API you can set up your own auction website like yahoo! japan auction with multiple language support.

Using this yahoo Auction API, you can list all the yahoo japan auction products into your website. This will cause a international identity for your auction business startup.

Online auction !

The growth of Internet and technology created a huge impact on auction business startups, And lifted the auction business to another level. But still many of the online auction portal follows only manual bidding,  this causes the people to fed up with online auction websites.  So to improve the auctioning methods automated bidding has arrives into marketplace.

Automated bidding tool / API:

Many of the auction websites follows only manual bidding,  So integrating an automated bidding API can enhance your auction website, and can bring more number of visitors to your website!

If you are wishing to start an online auction business , then feel free to contact us Through Skype: Osiz.tech


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Boom ! Manual bidding lost its importance!



The Emergence Of Automated Bidding !

By seeing the growth of technology, and the usage of Internet many of the auctioneers were planned to lift the auction in to online portals.  Whatever happens in the growth of auction world, manual bidding doesn’t left its existence.

So people who does online auction were frustrated with manual bidding, and shows thumbs down for it. By seeing the unstable situation, some of the clever auction businessman implemented automated auction in to their auction website.

Automated bidding saves the auction world from surging into the deep!

Before the automated bidding,many businessman doesn’t believe auction startups as their revenue generator. Instead they predict manual bidding will cause the failure for online auction startups!

But the arrival of automated bidding created a strong hope, and pushed them to start an auction website.  For those people who are starving for a startup solution , sniper bid brings up a 2 in 1 solution for online auction startups


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Yahoo Auction API + Automated bidding tool!

The History Of Auction!


The first auction was recorded before 500 B.c. Romans and Persians were the first people who founded the auction.  Nowadays we do the auction on commercial products, but during the ancient times, auctions were used to sell the slaves, soldiers, and war assets.

Auctions were followed differently in different countries.  But it depends upon the people who lives in those countries.  Because in the old days, the awareness of education was very low,  only some educated people and particular community of people were allowed to do the bidding.

We can classify all those auctions into two categories

  1. Primary auction
  2. Secondary auction

Candle auction: This was an auction type which is followed by England people before 18 the century.  That is the auction has no timing, it will continue until a lighted candle expires.

Approximately on 193 A.D, there was significant historical auction happened. (i.e) The entire Rome Empire was put into an auction.

We can list the following auctions into primary auctions

  1. English auction
  2. Dutch auction
  3. Blind auction
  4. Vickrey auction

Each auction type operates in a different manner, Let us discuss them in detail in the following article.

The Different Genres of Auction Business!

















Are You Bored In Doing your Auction Business ?


yahoo! Japan Auction follow manual bidding till today.

Auctioneers feel difficult during their auction time.If they are not active at the time of auction they will be the looser.

Here is a solution for the people who hate auction business because of manual bidding.

The solution is Automated API

If you use this Automated bidding tool success will be yours…

If you like to start an auction business. Here is an idea to the business people

Start your auction business like Yahoo! Auction Japan.because Yahoo! Auction Japan is a famous portal for Auction business.

You can start an auction portal easily with the same products through Yahoo Auction Japan API.

You can be an entrepreneur soon if you start an auction business with yahoo auction Japan API & Autobidding API.

Sniperbid is an user friendly software to perform all these tasks in a simple way.

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Is It Possible To Start Another Japan Yahoo Auction Portal?



Yes, It is possible with sniperbid.Sniperbid is the world leading business portal for people who like e – commerce sites.sniperbid provides

  • Sniperbid Yahoo Auction Script
  • Sniperbid Yahoo Auction Tool
  • Sniperbid Yahoo Auction API

Japanese people use only manual bidding.If you use this automated tool with the existing new yahoo auction portal you can succeed easily.

Sniperbid is an excellent platform for bidders,Enterprenurs,Startups,and people who want to build their business to the next level in starting a auction portal with Japanese products.

Sniperbid is an userfriendly script with 24/7 support by our team . people can customize it according to their choice.

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