Boom ! Manual bidding lost its importance!



The Emergence Of Automated Bidding !

By seeing the growth of technology, and the usage of Internet many of the auctioneers were planned to lift the auction in to online portals.  Whatever happens in the growth of auction world, manual bidding doesn’t left its existence.

So people who does online auction were frustrated with manual bidding, and shows thumbs down for it. By seeing the unstable situation, some of the clever auction businessman implemented automated auction in to their auction website.

Automated bidding saves the auction world from surging into the deep!

Before the automated bidding,many businessman doesn’t believe auction startups as their revenue generator. Instead they predict manual bidding will cause the failure for online auction startups!

But the arrival of automated bidding created a strong hope, and pushed them to start an auction website.  For those people who are starving for a startup solution , sniper bid brings up a 2 in 1 solution for online auction startups


Get A demo for!
Yahoo Auction API + Automated bidding tool!


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