Are you an auctioneer? You have to read this!

Yahoo Japan Auction API

Yahoo! Japan Auction:

It is one of the best japan auction portals over the world. Succeeded in the auction business just by listing the high-quality japan products and enabled online auction!
japan people usually loves to do the bidding and hence yahoo! Japan has emerged into the marketplace!

What do they do actually?

Yahoo! japan auction lists all the monumental, old and new Japanese products by covering all the categories including electronics and fashion.  The main functionality of the website is enabling “online auction”. The website list all the auction products from various sellers (auctioneers).  Every auctioneer and bidder will register with a unique member id. Through which they can do bidding or auction. And the website is having only manual bidding, and also they cover only japan people to bid on their products.

This is where they lose many of their bid counts. Because people from overseas don’t know the Japanese language but having interest on japan auction products. So to do the auction on yahoo japan portal they need to buy a member id from any of their well known active bidders on the website. All these things usually create frustration and finally, people would change their mind from bidding on the website.

To solve all these struggles yahoo! japan auction provides API to some to their well known and trusted network and lists all their products on other language websites.

Here the Incredible auction business arrives!

Web sites who brought API from Yahoo! japan auction lists all their products on their website.  And enables overseas people to do the auction on yahoo japan products from their website. If we make a count for such websites we could end up in single digit, But if we count their earning then we could end up in billions.

Yes! Japan products are having high demand in countries like Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, and India.  To make better use of this situation, some auctioneer starts their own auction website by integrating yahoo! japan auction API!

Why Sniperbid?

Sniperbid aka Japan bidding provides Yahoo! Japan auction API! + Automated bidding tool! (click here to know more) Using this Yahoo Auction Tool you can set up your own auction website anywhere!

Why automated bidding tool!

Yahoo! Japan auction provides only manual bidding so that people lose their energy, time and finally they would end up with frustration.

To avoid losing bidder sniper bid provides you an automated bidding tool, this tool will bring more bidders to your website, and would love to do auction on japan products through your website!

Make your decision ! this is a unique business to start anywhere don’t miss this opportunity!



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