Being an auctioneer? No more time to waste ! it’s time to start your own auction Website!

Since you are an auctioneer you know that products from japan or some other countries have high demand on overseas. So people shows their interest to buy products by performing bidding. To simplify this auction yahoo has invented a big auction platform called “yahoo japan auction website”. In which they have listed all the auction products and enabled people to perform bidding for the products. from the beginning still the website is gaining more number of an auctioneers to their site, and so they earn high ROI from the bidding website.

Did you confused of why I am explaining all these stuff ? yes there is a reason!

Auctioneers like you share their Member Id, to their well-known circle and allow them to bid for products. so that they can earn a minimum amount of commission from yahoo japan if there is a successful bid.

My question is why should not you start an auction portal?

Yes instead of sharing your member or affiliate id to your circle, you could buy a yahoo auction API and integrate it with your existing or new auction portal.

Merits of starting an auction website like yahoo japan auction!

1. You could list all the yahoo japan auction products in a single portal
2. Yahoo japan auction website is fully concentrated on Japanese people but you could fetch peoples from all over the world just by creating a multilingual auction portal.
3. Moreover, yahoo japan auction is having only manual bidding.

if you integrate an automated bidding option to your site then people will identify you as a simplified auction portal, and would like to engage with you forever!
4. Financially as a business man, you could earn high revenue with less investment
5. Do you know the Buyee website, the partner of yahoo!japan auction, yes sure you could also grow up like them and will earn a good will among auctioneers

Know more at :

How to start a biggest online auction website with less Investment ?


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